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ID of the message I thought one of my 'experiences' with a certain type of person... in short.. most of you who know me.. know, I am a 5ft1 diddy.. and is on a good day... Therefore, if I have the opportunity to have a large.. I took the opportunity.... that was going to be friends, 6ft6 introduced 23 young pure muscle... We had talked about an SMS milflist via MSN flirted for a few days, when I invited him for coffee..... Now, I knew he was high.. But what appeared huge! ! It reminded me of that guy in the movie Rocky, the blonde Slavic... I do not remember his name.. but was cut from the face, hed just come from the gym, and still is a professional wrestler was... Now.. He became a.. and I immediately thought.. Hes handsome.. got a massive knob ! blushed.. and made a tea cup of tea.... lol.. , gradually relaxed, and has done.. and we have the preliminary stage of touch.. make me the first step.. to sit in the legs and compare milflist the size of milflist them... He was a great Fooking size 15. I did not know the size.. and only in a size five. ! seemed so strange... at this time I was asking a bit slow, playful, if it is the height of this size means everything to me turned to me one.. and throw me in bed th.. I also realized that I could be a tall man like me never get rid of wanted to hug him... Perhaps it has to be protected and loved, do not know, but there is little high- men bigger and stronger than wild inspire me.... as the night progressed I found myself sitting on his lap.. Do not touch the sides so.. to talk! milflist I kissed and finally.. taking into account his statue was so soft a reserved.. almost as if he dared to touch me when I broke up.. ! away.. hold on, man... and just fuck me ! I told him that in my head, of course.... things work to a warm and friendly.. fair, as I like. Nice was a slow process.. when it comes to around 00 clock 04th.. and suggested that we leave tor my room.. 'rest your eyes '.. both stood.. he ' stood ' attention.. and I stariing... , I suddenly found it on the stairs.. I had to be on the second level.. Just look at those eyes! Shit, what was going to do this! climb. and I shit on him.. snuggeld He held me tight and yet smooth for me.. At this point I wanted to put it in my man.. and take control.. But whether he milflist was too young to know or were not available for you to know, said that on their own.. I like all the steps needed to make.. I finally touched him.. OH MY GOD.... He was huge... well.. not the size but if you can imagine a can of Coca Cola.. He was also the width.. and the length of a bottle of Coca Cola.. I could not connect my finger to get.. and even with both hands on the milflist other.. still had a lot of buttons on the left more.. I looked.. He smiled at me.. and said sadly.. I said hell Fuckiing man. ! I felt so bad for him.. He said thwhen hes not been able fully to fuck a girl.. or receive a full blowjob.. the way it was so big. I was afraid of hurting them... had a concentrated sure I do not think I could take.... We played a little measured against me.. and it fell just below my rib cage.. ! and as now being fearfull impailed I did all I could imagine.. I milflist gave him the best blow job of his life.. at least one thing I can do is, in the throat.. and he came like a train.. hit the wall of milflist my bitch.. went right over his shoulder.. and jets ! When he finished I put it back in his arms, and he tried to get in his hands.. but by the look of a milflist size of them.. I would have been used as a lucky charm.. my whole hand in attacking my fingers barely touch the first knuckle.. I pulled out of reach.. It was not easy.. and slapped him, instead of sleeping.. in the morning.. He awoke with a smile a stiffy.. and I was working on his milflist own, on the ground floor.. and told me I had things to do ID to get the best.. knowing full wel, who wanted to fuck me.. But I was still afraid of death! we say goodbye.. I stood on the steps.. and had even kiss goodbye to his feet.. He went with an erection of a smile milflist on your face.... and I regret that today still do not even fucking.... just to see if I could..... But then again.. I love life so maybe that's okay! I have always been great men.. But I never knew he had a ' thing' for big men..... So if your under 6 feet, it is a shame.. as if I can not look into your eyes, then there is the same !!!!!! anyway.. This is for my friend.. I wanted to hear all about my great experience.. Hope this helps...... furby xxxxxxxxxx
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